Day 47: Hunters Hut to Mid Wairoa Hut, 17 km

by Jane on Monday, February 27, 2012 8:18 PM
Today Jane leaves the Red Hills area then goes down through the wasp infested Wairoa river to Mid Wairoa hut. Tomorrow she will head to Mt Rintoul hut with probably some cell phone reception.

Lovely sleep, could have quite easily turned over again. Out the door ny 7:20 for a good 5 hours to Top Wairoa Hut via Mt Ellis and scooting around the lower slopes of the Red Hills. Much rock hopping and pretty slow progress with a big ascent followed by descending into the Wairoa catchment. Another encounter with 2 doing the TAT, Madeleine and Philippa. If it wasn't for Te Araroa this track, and others, would be empty. Lunch at the hut tucked into the bush and then it was a steep descent with many dropoffs and river crossings to the Mid Wairoa Hut. Started raining not long before my arrival, there is a swing bridge tomorrow morning so I can relax. Overhead I can hear planes, ? circling before landing in Nelson....not far as the crow flies. Eating through my 8 days of food, enjoying the chocolate but have to ration it. It is only 8pm but very dark in the hut so will tuck myself in for yet another early night. Sidling was a little worrisome at times due to slippery and steep fall aways.

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Jane's Tramp on the South Island portion of the Te Araroa Trail in January/February 2011