Day 52: Pelorus Bridge to Anakiwa, 35 km

by Jane on Sunday, March 04, 2012 12:24 AM
Starting at Pelorus Bridge Jane and I started off together. I ran as far as Dalton's Bridge then returned to the car while Jane continued on to Havelock. Lunch and a midday hot shower prepared Jane for the next section to Anakiwa, a steep 400m climb and descent over a pilon road into Mahau Sound then a roadside walk most of the way to Anakiwa tuckered Jane out. Jane could really do with a day off but it is only 20-25 km for each of the next three days with running shoes and no pack to slow her down so we will finish on Wednesday afternoon.

Very cold this morning, only 5 degrees C, and with Daltons Track going through wet grass my feet were in freezing agony! Shane joined me and happily jogged in his barefoot running shoes for the 7.5 kms through the paddocks and over a dozen or more stiles. I then walked along the road to Havelock, I think some drivers would give more space for a wayward animal.
After a hugely fresh monster sandwich prepared by Shane I was on my way again, up and over the pylon track, a 400m climb, to be back on the Queen Charlotte Drive along Keneperu Sound. I eventually made it to Anakiwa at 4pm and was very pleased to be done with the road walk.
A couple of G&Ts and another early night!

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Jane's Tramp on the South Island portion of the Te Araroa Trail in January/February 2011