Day 55: Punga Cove to Ship Cove, 23 km

by Jane on Tuesday, March 06, 2012 6:30 PM
Shane and I set out early for the 25kms to Ship Cove, walking and slow jogging. A beautiful warm still morning with pristine glimpses of Endeavour Inlet. A very far distance in time and place from the rugged and windy Bluff beginnings exactly 2 months ago (only 53 days of tramping/walking).
On walking down the hill into Ship Cove I felt quietly satisfied that I had reached here safe and well. We had Ship Cove all to ourselves, peaceful, lush, and special. Lying on the jetty with the sun on my back it was time to relax.
Thanks to all of you who have supported and energised me in many different ways.

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Jane's Tramp on the South Island portion of the Te Araroa Trail in January/February 2011